Calculating the correct dosage for your needs


A higher body weight will generally mean a higher amount of CBD is needed in order to feel the desired therapeutic effects. The same principle applies inversely for a lower body weight: generally a smaller dose is effective.

Ailment and severity

Depending on what ailment you’re looking to soothe, and how intense the discomfort or pain it is, dosage will vary.

CBD Tolerance

Your personal receptiveness to CBD is determined by your endocannabinoid receptors. This factor varies person to person. Think of it as similar to how certain people have a higher or lower tolerance to drinking alcohol. 

CBD product type and bioavailability

Your dosage will vary based on what method you are using to consume it, as well as how much cannabinoids are in the product itself. Reputable sellers will include information about the level of cannabinoids in the product, whether it’s a gummy, oil, tincture, vape cartridge, or loose bud. Oil and edibles are consumed orally, meaning they go through your digestive system and take effect slowly. When you smoke or vaporize, CBD enters the bloodstream through the lungs and the effects are felt more quickly. Using tinctures, lotions, or applying oil topically will be a slower process.