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Our doctor approved an designed Multi-Cannabinoid Formulations designed to provide you relief, without the side effects.

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“The flavor is really tasty, and my mom enjoys them. They help her relax when she feels nervous. One is the right amount as you can feel them work, unlike others we tried. ”

– Ivy Davis

“It does a great job of stopping my anxiety and panic disorders from happening. It also soothes them when they do happen, much less frequent than before.”

– Lucas Johnson

“These gummies are great for calming and relaxing. They help you feel more balanced and you can take them whenever you need. I would definitely suggest giving them a try.”

-Benjamin Taylor

Nano-emsulsified for faster absorption

Our enhanced and targeted multi-cannabinoid blends were developed to work with your body faster, so you can tackle your ailments quickly, naturally and effectively. One gummie is all you need!

Multi-Cannabinoid Blends


CBD might have a faster effect than most antidepressant medications. By boosting the body’s anandamide levels, a compound that helps regulate pain, CBD can lower pain sensation and enhance mood.


 CBG, a cannabinoid derived from hemp plants, binds to the CB-receptors in the brain, which are responsible for controlling the release of neurotransmitters. By binding to the CB-receptors, CBG can influence the release of neurotransmitters that help to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and promote relaxation.


CBDV, like CBD, has significant effects on reducing the occurrence and intensity of seizures. It also helps to alleviate nausea related to various conditions, and to lower inflammation throughout the body. CBDV can also help with pain and mood disorders.


Low doses of THC and CBD can enhance each other’s effects and help ease anxiety symptoms without the negative side effects of high doses of THC. Delta 9 THC and CBD can also help with pain relief, anxiety, sleep, inflammation, and more. But the relief is much better when the cannabinoids are used together rather than separately.

Experience Calm Without the Side Effects

Public Price  ̶$̶69̶ ̶ Save $30 
Your cost only $39.95