We believe in safe, non-habit forming, and effective combinational therapies.

A Unique Approach to Optimal Health


We support organically grown botanical products that are environmentally-friendly.



We promote using natural medicines that are free of contaminants and pesticides.


Trusted Efficacy

We appreciate the mind-body connection as plants and herbs work in synergy for enhanced therapeutic benefits.

Introducing the PURE brand of products

Feel the difference – New products that work!

Formulated with a Purpose

The Care Beyond Diagnosis brand has been created specifically and exclusively for healthcare providers to ensure patients receive the highest quality products available. We ‘Formulate with a Purpose’ and our products are blended to address pain, anxiety, and sleep issues.


We believe one can replace traditional options in favor of mind-body healing practices. Optimal wellness at the core of our approach and our goal is to provide you with the ideal foundation for creating the ultimate mind, body, and spirit transformation. 



The entourage effect combines the ability of these various compounds that helps increased therapeutic benefit from the combination of
each component, rather than what the benefits would yield should each be used

Offering Hope Beyond A Diagnosis

To order products recommended by your healthcare provider, please contact their office for a unique code. If you do not have a referring healthcare provider, contact us below for further information.

About a year ago I slipped on black ice and ultimately ended up injuring my shoulder. I moved the shoulder everyday so I could maintain full motion, but it has still been very painful. I tried several over-the-counter pain remedies, with no success. I wanted an alternative. On a friend’s advice I tried herbal salve on my shoulder. In the middle of that first night, I went to move my blankets and noticed that I could now move them with no pain. After just two days of , I bowled two games at a kids bowling party, where I had intended to only watch, and not participate! No pain at all. I have also had two of the best night’s sleep that I can recall. I still am amazed at how little pain I have now, after suffering for a year. I am fully sold on the Care Beyond Diagnosis therapeutic health approach.

Richard, Maryland


Treating The Whole Patient

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