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If your doctor, nurse or healthcare provider gave you our website or a sample, then you came to the right place. We assist doctors and other healthcare professionals with ways they can help their patients.  If your health care provider provided you with a sample there should be a code on the package. In many cases it is a bright color and it has a number on it.

Below are a few common questions people ask us all the time.

Q: What are the benefits of using this website?
A: Our unique plant-based adjunct therapies are provided free of charge to try and if there is a benefit, you are allowed to purchase them at a discounted price. The code number on your sample package provides you with the key to accessing these benefits.

Q: What do you ask from me in return?
A: There is no catch, all we ask is for you to tell us how the products work or do not work. Periodically we send out patient outcome surveys that ask simple and easy to answer questions. All information is kept confidential and we do not ask for your name or personal information. This information is then provided back to your doctor so he can improve the process for other patients.

Q: What kind of questions do you ask in the surveys?
A: Nothing personal or too medical, we ask questions like, if you felt the product worked for you, how the products tasted or felt, how often do you use the products and why.

Q: Do I have to answer the surveys?
A: No. Everyone gets the same free sample and discounted pricing regardless if you reply to any of our patient outcome surveys. We hope you can and will want to help, however we realize that helping may not be possible for everyone.

Q: What is a doctor code and why do I need it?
A: A doctor code or nurse code is a number we use to track which doctors are participating in the study, what free sample products they may be giving to patients and what state or county their practice is located. By using the doctor code we are also able to provide discounted pricing to you for other products or refills on the samples provided.

Q: Why don’t you provide the doctors’ name and office information?
A: Privacy. Just like we keep your information private, we do the same for the doctors. The only information that links you and your doctor together is the doctor number. We do not share private information with the doctors, nor do we share his or her information with the public.

Q: Can I order products without the doctor code?
A: Absolutely – we recently made it available to anyone.