Physician Progress

Report From:
John P. Tabacco MD, MPH, CAQSM
Dual Board Certified Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine
Medical Director, Adjunct Professor GW University School of Medicine
Partner Potomac Internist, Sibley Johns Hopkins Hospital
Office (202)237-2910 

Date: 4/2/2022
1) A 68 year old male who is 8 month post Coronary Artery bypass  grafting complained of persistent scar pain from his well healed sternal scar. He had tried numerous over the counter regimens including tylenol, topical voltaire, topical lidocaine preparations and oral gabapentin at nighttime. He noted no improvement and frustration over inability to use NSAID given cardiac risk. He used Care beyond Diagnosis cream with significant benefit twice daily applied around the site of scar. 
2. 72 year old male with history of bilateral lung replacement , chronic renal insufficiency had on going bicep tendonitis. Due to ongoign steroid use he did not wish to use injectable steroids and Nsaids were not a valid option for him. Twice daily Care beyond diagnosis cream has done wonders for him. 
3. A 40 year old physician with lumbar sacral strain and intolerance to nsaids found significant relief from an ongoing painful lumbar sacral strain  with q daily use of Care beyond diagnosis cream.