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Our multi-cannabinoid blends and targeted terpene adjunctive therapies are formulated with a purpose.

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  • No nasty side effects
  • No prescriptions 
  • No medical marijuana card needed
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  • Works with your existing medications 
  • Fast Acting  technology
Naturally derived therapies, backed by science

Maximum Relief You Can Trust

Our team works directly alongside Doctors and Nursing staff to design our specially formulated multi-cannabinoid blends work quickly and efficiently. We have a blend formulated for you.

Made in the USA

Naturally derived

Craft formulas for targeted relief

Made with organic terpenes and plant extracts

Much more than just CBD! 

Developed by a team of doctors, and headquartered at the Maryland University Biopark, our products are not just CBD.  Our product line works to target your specific needs, with  carefully crafted formulas designed to make a real difference in your symptom management. 


Enhanced for fast and cost-effective symptom management

All of the therapies in our Enhanced product line are specially formulated to work fast and be cost effective. This unique technology allows the therapies to work with your system faster and more efficiently. With our enhanced products,  you may feel the difference faster, and use less to achieve the same result.


Find Your Balance.

Naturally derived Adjunct Therapies, backed by science. Our Doctor-approved and developed multi-cannabinoid enhanced blends work quickly and efficiently to target your unique needs. 

Say goodbye to over-the-counter medications that cause more harm than good and say hello to natural, fast-acting and effective plant-based medicine! Just what the Doctor Ordered.

CBD with THC is better.  CBD with THC provides  maximum benefits so Our Doctor-Developed, Patient Pending Adjunct Therapies offer you both options. Some with THC others without.

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