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As a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner who specializes in functional and integrative medicine with a focus in cannabis medicine, influencing the natural endocannabinoid system is vital to optimal wellness. Research is currently arising there is a true clinical deficiency in the endocannabinoid system we have in our bodies and it is essential to impacting illness positively along with maintaining good health.  As a result, cannabidiol (CBD) can alleviate a variety of conditions that many individuals experience, primarily pain, anxiety and sleep.

Upon embarking on a journey with cannabis medicine, it is essential to understand what you are putting in your body ensuring there is no evidence of heavy metals, mold, or other toxins that can further impact your bodies own self-healing and disrupt your ability to  restore to ultimate balance.

The Pure Product line is one I feel confident in recommending as a first-line CBD as a holistic practitioner primarily since I understand the intricacies of this line from seed to sale, particularly its high quality and rigorous testing.

Additionally, many CBD products are not undergoing clinical trials at state-of-the art universities, and this is where the Pure Product line stands alone.

The powerful testimonies I have received as a provider is the ultimate test for this product line.  From I had the “best night’s sleep with no awakening at 2 AM” to “my mind is racing less and my physical symptoms of anxiety were drastically reduced with a couple doses” to “my discomfort was minimal in my body for the first time in a long time” are the powerful testimonials we receive daily regarding the Pure Product line.

Patients are unlocking their healing powers in our practice with cannabis medicine, and it starts with the Pure Products.


100% Drug Free Relief

The PURE brand has been created specifically and exclusively for healthcare providers to ensure patients receive the highest quality products available. We ‘Formulate with a Purpose’ and our products are blended to address pain, anxiety, and sleep issues.

Care Beyond Diagnosis, was founded in 2018 to provide hemp-derived multi cannabinoid adjunct therapies for pain, anxiety, and sleep, manufactured according to FDA guidelines, in a pharmaceutical setting.

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Experience Calm

Take on the day, refreshed and invigorated! Gain clarity from your anxiety and get back to your daily routine with increased energy and focus with our specially crafted daytime blend. Save the time and energy of trying out pharmaceuticals with unwanted side effects and see the different Pure AM can make in your daily life!

This enhanced multi-cannabinoid blend highlights a total of 3000 mg of CBD, CBG and CBDa ratio for fast daytime relief.
(400mg CBD, 
400mg CBG, 200mg CBDa.)




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Sleep Better, Sleep Deeper

Tired of losing sleep over your anxiety? Get the rest and piece of mind you deserve with fast-acting Pure PM. Our relaxing nighttime blend promotes calm and restful sleep, naturally!

This enhanced multi-cannabinoid blend highlights a total of 3000 mg of CBD, CBDa and CBN ratio for maximum night relief.
(1650mg CBD, 750mg 
CBDa, 600mg CBN).




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All Day Relief

Faster relief, backed by science, derived from nature:
Enhanced with CannaSolv™ technology for faster 
absorption and relief! 

Total of 3000 mg Cannabinoids made up of CBD, CBG, CBDA and CBN. Carefully crafted Multi Cannabinoid and terpene blends.





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Why Choose the Pure Brand?

The Entourage Effect – What it means for you.

Research into CBG, CBC, and CBD has shown that there is a powerful effect that is produced when cannabinoids and terpenes work together. These three produce a stronger and more durable effect when they are working in concert with CBD and other phytocannabinoids; and this is what is referred to as the entourage effect. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Ok I had been struggling with sleep recently and tried everything short of a narcotic solution including melatonin etc……However I did not get the relief I needed……I tried the Pure Sleep the first night I tried it I slept through the entire night……..this product is a GAME CHANGER 

– Bill H.

On November 8th 2019, I stepped out of my car and partially tore a major muscle in my right hip. Since then I have tried everything possible to eliminate the pain that I live with 24 hours a day. Nights are especially bad. Relief came when I was introduced to your product by my hairdresser Stephanie. I ordered the product and within a couple of days I received pure relief and a great night sleep!

– Sincerely Pat Irish

As a traveling salesperson, I spend many a night in hotels and often have difficulty sleeping. I recently began taking 1ml of bioRemedies Pure Sleep an hour before bed. Pure Sleep helps me unwind after a long day on the road and get the sleep I need.

Thanks PURE!
– Mike H.

I have been using prescription drugs to handle my anxiety for years, always leery of the side effects. I heard about the multi cannabinoid product from my practitioner . The PURE Craft Calm has given me a natural solution that works . I feel the product takes my edge off and allows me to focus on my tasks ahead. Great product!

– Jennifer Smith