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Have you tried everything to control your pain, anxiety, or restlessness, only to find that the medicines you’re taking to help the problem end up causing even worse side effects, or simply aren’t effective?  

Our enhanced multi-cannabinoid blends and targeted terpenes Adjunctive Therapies are specialized blends that are formulated with a purpose.

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Naturally derived Adjunctive Therapies, backed by science

All of our Doctor-approved and developed multi-cannabinoid blends work quickly and efficiently. We have a blend formulated for you.

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Craft formulas

Organic terpenes and plant extracts

Doctor-Developed, Patient Adjunctive Therapies

Developed by a team of doctors and headquartered at the Maryland University Biopark, our products are not just CBD.

Enhanced formulas for faster, cost-effective symptom management

Say goodbye to over-the-counter medications that cause more harm than good, and say hello to natural, fast-acting and effective plant-based medicine!

Our Pure line of products  help you calmly seize the day!


Find Your Balance.

Swear to God I put your rub on after the meeting and then five minutes later I felt great. How can we get more? – James

” I now have my happy life back . Thank you!” –Walter

“Patients are unlocking their healing powers in our practice with cannabis medicine, and it starts with Your Pure Products.” – Lisa