Enhanced Pure Calm 10 ml


This multi-cannabinoid blend highlights a CBD to CBG

    • 1000 MG of Cannabinoids
      CBD: 45.00 mg/ml
      CBDa: 14.50 mg/ml
      CBG: 48.40 mg/ml
      D9-THC: 1.90 mg/ml
      Calming Terpene Profile
    • Enhanced for fast absorption, so you get the relief you need, fast!
    • Better absorption means less product. Save money!
    • Doctor-selected blends

10ML = 10 day supply.

What sets us apart

• Nano-Emulsifed for Faster Absorption
• Mult-Cannabiniod Formulation | Made in USA
• Physician-Crafted Formulations
• All Natural ingredients  | Organic + Non-GMO


Patients Information

One full dropper per day (1oz). Please note that this product contains small amounts of THC per serving. Please be mindful if choosing to exceed serving recommendations.
Esterified fatty acids, Multi Cannabinoids, Peppermint oil, proprietary terepene blend. CBD: 57.70 mg/ml CBDa: 19.60 mg/ml CBG: 35.70 mg/ml D9-THC: 2.40 mg/ml Energy Terpene Profile


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